Muddiest points, 6 April

Not surprisingly, as we had no Internet connection, and I couldn't show you what a blog is, "blogs" was the muddiest point for the session this morning. Always have a "Plan B", as I suggested!

Specifically, someone said "the way in which blogs can be useful in English teaching". In a previous post, I suggested some of the things that you can do with a blog

Do feel free to use the "comments" link that you will find below each of the posts on this blog, by the way!

In previous posts I've also explained how to set a blog up, both on and on Zoomblog.

Two others — which a 90-minute session really doesn't give us time to look at properly — were RSS and podcasting.

And finally, difficulties with the terminology, something lots of people find hard — but which shouldn't put you off using technology!

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