Muddiest points, 16 June

There were various "muddiest points" in today's session regarding blogs and blogging

Again, for some of these there were already answers on this blog, so I'll point you there for some of them:

How do you set up a blog?
There are lots of providers of blogging services, with being one of the best known. Here's how to set a blog up with Blogger; here's how to set a blog up at Zoomblog, which is what this blog used to use; and here's a comparison of the two.

Note that if you're not that confident with technology, Blogger may prove just slightly easier for you.

If you want a really simple, really basic blog, then an alternative would be Yahoo 360º, for which you'd need a Yahoo account.

How blogging can be useful in English teaching
I'll point you to a previous post to answer the question what can you do with a blog?

More about blogs and blogging
To learn more about the subject, you have further links in the sidebar.

And one last "muddiest point" for today…
Why is blogging so cool and innovative?

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