Man smashes 27 TVs at Wal-Mart

One from one of my favourite blogs, BoingBoing, of a man caught on security cameras smashing 27 TVs with a baseball bat he'd picked up in the same store.

The video itself isn't that interesting, perhaps but played with no prior explanation it would give rise to some speculation about what is actually happening (try it in pairs, with half the class not looking at video, the other half commentating for them).

The comments, as with most YouTube videos have lots of language in them (particularly of a colloquial nature), which can also be exploited nin various ways, including working out meaning from context.

With an interactive whiteboard, it's so easy to capture text from the internet, which can then be dragged-and-dropped and reordered, in this case we could column the comments into such categories as serious, facetious, etc.

BoingBoing has lots of similarly slightly crazy stuff that at the very least will make for a nice change from your coursebook.

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