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These links came from posts on the IATEFL Business English SIG

In the video, Phil Dourado talks about his book The 60 Second Leader. You'll find lots more "60 Second" videos on YouTube and I think they'd work great in a Business English class.

They're not all 60 second videos, which is a shame — as the shorter, the better for listening activities in class, in my experience.

But they are at least videos, not audios, and it's so much more interesting to watch than just to listen. Let's get rid of listening comprehension and bring in watching comprehension, as I've suggested before.

And, to people in a business world, such things are of genuine interest, which is regretably not always the case with the listening materials in general ELT coursebooks.

There's stacks more interesting things of a similar business nature (also suggest on BESIG) on and

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  1. The TED talks are another great source of videos for listening and discussion in business classes.

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