About this blog

This blog began to accompany a session on technology on the CELTA course at International House Barcelona [website].

It is intended to be used by trainees both on and after the course — and will hopefully also be of interest to anyone thinking of using technology in a language classroom.

Posts are by me, Tom Walton, webmaster at International House Barcelona, who also gives the face-to-face session.

The views expressed are my own, and are not necessarily shared by anyone else at the institution that employs me.

Do feel free add comments on anything you read here. Alternatively, you can also contact me by mail.

Enjoy your teaching…!

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  1. hi, really excellent blog, full of extremely useful info.

    though how can i subscribe to it using google reader? I tried pasting in the url, but just get an error message.


    Gary Robert

  2. Glad it's useful Gary.

    Think we had an error there in the feed. Try this:


    Sorry ,-)!

  3. Tom,

    the first link seemed to work.



  4. Alexandre Siqueira

    Hi, Tom,

    I'm Alexandre Siqueira, an EFL teacher based in Brazil. I came across your blog when I was searching for ELT blogs to include in my own blogroll. I find it really nice, especially because I'm taking the DELTA, so it might really come in handy. I'm totally enthusiastic about the use of learning technologies. That said, if you don't mind, I'll include your blog on my list, all right?

    Congratulations on the great work!

    My best,
    Alexandre Siqueira

    P.S.: by the way, my blog is really new, so there isn't much there yet, but that's how we start, right? It's at


    if you want to drop by…

  5. Sure, go ahead Alexandre!

    Let me suggest a couple of other blogs that I think will be of interest:

    Three, all by Nik Peachey:
    Teacher Development

    News and Tips

    Student Activities

    And one by Larry Ferrlazo:

    They post so much good stuff to use with students…


  6. Alexandre Siqueira

    Thank you very much, Tom. I find this is endless… The more you delve, the more interesting stuff you stumble upon. It never ceases to amaze me!


  7. It amazes me too, Alexandre ,-)!

    I come across lots of stuff in my day-to-day work but how Nik and Larry unearth what they do is, as you say, truly amazing!

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